Mi2 Studio 2007
We do our best and have so much Wonderful moment, all about creation.

設計理念 :
人們為了逃避巨大機器(資本主義)的壓榨,而接近了佛法,渴求心靈的寄託,而佛法為了拯救更多的眾生,而與巨大機器結合,於是乎,電視上出現了華麗得不真實的影像,擴音機裡傳來了不斷重覆的電音,真實與虛幻,沒有人分得清楚。 BUDDHA’S DELIGHT讓世人沈淪,世人沈淪的讓世界更沈淪。
People approach to Buddha for escaping from the oppressions of the gigantic machine (the capitalism), and seeking for a spirit commitment to Buddha. For saving more lives, Buddha integrates itself into the gigantic machine. Consequently, luxurious and unreal images broadcast on TV.  The sound of electronic music comes from the amplifier repeatedly.  No one can differentiate between the reality and illusions. BUDDHA’S DELIGHT makes people fallen.  The fallen people make the world even more backsliding.


I am the king either in heaven or on earth.

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