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Character design when I was young,

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'太陽勇士' 是我在頑石創意期間的作品,當時我擔任原創的工作,
這個作品原本只是公司承接的多媒體光碟製作,主題是中南美洲古文明。後來我們做出了很有趣的嘗試! 我創造了三個好朋友的冒險故事,想要反轉人們對古文明中" 太陽神會吃人,很可怕哦! " 這樣的迷信,我們用Flash遊戲來呈現這個概念,我覺得相當成功。後來,因為剛好搭上公仔潮流,創作了克比、加比、雅比、太陽鳥的立體造形。

那幾年很開心,因為這個有趣的點子認識了許多人,很棒的企劃女孩、超全能的程式設計師、動畫師們、強大的雕模師與外包廠商, 還有更多更多人的合作,是個美好的年代。

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Cobby is an orphan, who wandered alone and was often bullied when he was little. When he grew up he joined the Aztec army, where his toughness and fighting ability won many battles for the Empire. In 1324, the emperor himself honored him with the indestructible Helmet of the Gods, the title “Greatest Warrior of the Empire,” and the right to come and go in the pyramid district as he wished.

Architect / Jumping and Climbing
Gabby is naturally energetic and good at jumping and climbing. His father Jabby was the greatest city planner in the Incan capital of Machu Picchu. He was in charge of plans related to streets, houses, and waterworks. His father’s son, Gabby became a great architect. In 1438, he was directed by the Incan emperor himself to undertake the difficult work of rebuilding the Temple of the Sun God.

Magician / Magic
Yabby was born into the oldest family of Mayan priests. With his calm intelligence, he hears things and understands the nature of the gods and everything in the universe. Able to transform any thing or any place, he is the most powerful magician in Mayan history. In 900, the young Yabby was appointed high priest, with the important duty of sacrificing to the Sun God. 
cary colors vision. 
Designer : 泓宜
Mayan Blood Sacrifice
To people of today, human sacrifice seems cruel and bloody. It’s hard to even imagine. The ancient Mayans, on the other hand, had a very different view. To them, the most precious part of the body was the blood and the heart. If one wanted to please the gods and maintain good relations with them, an offering must be made to convince them of ones sincere reverence, to keep the world turning, and stave off the end of days. Therefore, a Mayan sacrifice could not be without human blood.Initially, this sacrifice just involved a member of the royalty cutting himself and offering a few token drops of blood. It was only in the tenth century, the late classical period of Mayan civilization, that it evolved into human sacrifice. The most shocking method of all was to open the chest and remove the heart. In these sacrifices, the “offering,” a prisoner of war or a slave, would be painted blue and made to lay upon the pyramid’s sacrificial altar, where four priests would hold him down. Next a priest would swiftly cut open the “offering’s” chest with a sharp stone knife and remove the dripping, still beating heart to offer to the gods. He would then painting the image of the god with the blood of the sacrifice. And as for the “offering”? If he was a brave warrior in life, his body would be divided up and eaten by those present. If he was a slave his bones would be kept by his master as a decoration commemorating his victory in battle.
ARTIST : Maki Yang
STUDIO: Bright Ideas Design
3D ART :​

Today, things will change forever.
In mysterious Latin America, three little creatures separated by space and time—Gabby the architect; Yabby the magician; and Cobby the warrior—will disappear into a journey of adventure in the Sun God’s kingdom.Passing through the Pavilion of Mystery, crossing the Mirage Jungle, climbing to the Hall of the Sun God…Will Gabby, Yabby, and Cobby be able to work together to get through these levels and reach the Sun God’s workshop? And what will the worried Sun God tell them?
The First Level :
The Pavilion of Mysteries
The Pavilion of Mysteries links the Universal Divine Tree with other dimensions. All travelers from other dimensions must first pass the Pavilion of Mysteries before reaching the Universal Divine Tree. Therefore, this is a mysterious point where different times and spaces are interlaced. One false step and you’ll fall into some faraway world.
The Second Level :
The Mirage Forest (Sun Forest)
These are actually the luxuriant leaves and branches of the Universal Divine Tree. The Universal Divine Tree is an enormous tree 4.210,597 times the size of the earth that wanders the universe like a star. Ordinary people can’t see the tree in its entirety, so the leaves and branches are called the Mirage Forest ).
The Third Level :
The Hall of the Sun God
The Hall of the Sun is a pyramidical structure whose base is connected to a conical bit of earth, all of which floats above the Mirage Forest (Sun Forest) like a satellite orbiting the Universal Divine Tree. The god’s hall has a sacrificial altar that could fit about ten people. After performing a certain ritual on this altar, you can enter the Sun God’s Workshop.
The Fourth Level :
The Sun God’s Workshop
The Sun God’s Workshop is located in the center of the Hall of the Sun God. It is the primary place where the Sun God works. Every day the “Space Time Link” (cable) transmits images of the human world to the god’s workshop. In accordance with the atmosphere of the transmissions’ content and mood of the people in them, he conjures the raw materials from which to mold people. Making millions of human beings with these materials in the Sun God’s daily task.
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